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Thank you so much for attending our Foothills Wellness Retreat SOUL CANVAS Vision Board Retreat!

It is truly our pleasure to work with you and equip you with the tools you can use to create a 9 out of 9 Life!

Now, you may be wondering how you can take this incredible energy and continue to channel it in your daily life. I am so excited to share a few simple tips and an opportunity to work directly with me to make sure you achieve all those incredible visions on your board.

First, Tips:

  1. Make sure you display your vision board somewhere you can see it daily, so you are consistently recalling your incredible vision and aspirations.

  2. Take 10 minutes weekly to visualise the outcomes so you can SEE it FEEL it and LIVE the experience inside your head first.

  3. Determine your priorities that will become a crucial stepping stone to achieving those pieces of your incredible puzzle.

  4. SHARE SHARE SHARE– who doesn’t know about your incredible Vision, you will be amazed who comes forward to support you in creating what you want more of.  


Let’s face it, your behaviour will take focus and practice to change! Your routines, your mindset too. You have entrenched neuro pathways and they are the easy paths for your brain to use. Carving out new rituals creates new pathways and that takes conscious- effort, determination, repetition and support!

Whenever I facilitate, I know the easy part for my participants is completing the class., yet the “effort” part comes after --Implementing: Rehearsing. Feeling. Course Correcting. Rehearsing. Feeling. Then you get to celebrate your achievements.



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Please Share your board when you are done!


Ways to connect and share your vision boards with the aforementioned community.


  1. Post on my Health/wealth and all the Facebook page — Jody. H Crawford.


  1. Email them to me:


  1. Follow Us and Share on Instagram

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