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Wellness Market



November 4, 2023


10:00am - 9:00pm 

Vendor: Cait Straat

Cait is a psychic medium who channels your Higher Self and Guides to help you remove blocks and conditioning so that you can grow in your journey of self-discovery. Her readings focus on how to build a life of fulfillment, rekindling your creative spark, and how to bring your authentic self to the surface so that you can receive the abundance that life has to offer you. Cait will be providing mini channelled 20 minute readings, along with discounted sessions when booked online for people who have attended the retreat with a discount code and a door prize.


Vendor: Image Plus Lifestyle

Kathryn specializes in assisting men and women manage their body/mind, connection, and effects from grief and loss. Kathryn specializes in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, Somatic Thai Yoga Massage, and 360 degrees of holistic wellness. 

Kathryn will be offering FREE sample sessions of Somatic Therapy via modalities of Trauma-Informed Restorative Postures, Thai Massage, Energy Touch and Sound/Musicalong with discounts for future bookings. 

Vendor: Big Rock Crystals, Minerals, and Fossils


Luke owns a store front location in Okotoks, AB.

The store offers a wide range of crystals, minerals, and fossils. During the wellness market Luke will have a variety of products for sale, along with either a draw or giveaway.


    Vendor: Enlightened Oils

    Jeannine is a Registered Aroma Therapist who offers a wide range of organic oils, balms, chakra spray kits, bug spray, clearing sprays, and much more. A variety of products will be available for purchase during the wellness market. Special promotion for the event:3 blends of Braveheart, Grounding and Meditation comes with a 3 page description.    Pre-orders are also available.


    Vendor: Joy and Vitality

    Family owned and operated. Joy and Vitality is the ONLY Centre that treats You as part of OUR BIG FAMILY and provides You with Joyful, Distinct experiences in a one stop destination. We have a wide retail selection of Supplements, Herbs, Superfoods, Smudging products, Oracle Cards, Quartz Singing Bowls, Crystals and Essential Oils and Himalayan Salt and Therapeutic Bath Salts Products. Our Famous Services Himalayan Salt Cave with Halotherapy, Sound Bath, Sound Healing, Tibetan Bowl Therapy (VST), Reiki, Pranic Healing,  and many Holistic Treatments! Giuliana Melo will be offering complimentary grounding sessions in the Tibetan Bowl, hot teas and great vibes. 


    Vendor: Shirley Spilfold

    Shirley has been reading from playing cards and intuitively for the past 35 years, Her experience in Feng Shui and numerology adds to the reading and believes that a good reading should be healing. Shirley will be offering mini reading of 10 cards for $10, along with mini numerology readings.

      Vendor: Goddess Temple of the Healing Arts


      Sam will take your healing to the next level, she will be offering Akashic Records readings for a fee during the wellness market, along with a Goddess Healing Session giveaway.


      Vendor: Emily Toll

      The Future is Frequency, and the Future is NOW!

      Emily Gladys Toll will be introducing the magic of Healy to the Wellness Market. The Healy is a wearable frequency device that uses micro-current to increase cellular voltage and supports cellular health. It increases ATP production by up to 500% as well as increasing protein synthesis and amino acid transport. It pairs with a Quantum Sensor that can read your bio-field in real time and tell you exactly what is out of balance and in need of energetic support. It then will deliver those exact frequencies, from a data base of over 10 million frequencies, to support your vitality and bring you back into harmony. Take the opportunity to use the three unique Healy Analysis to scan your chakras, align yourself to your manifestations and desires, and see where in your biofield is requiring more resonance: The Aura Analysis, The Coaching Analysis and the Resonance Analysis!


      Vendor: Present Possibilities

      Amber offers mindfulness Yoga, Reiki programs to kids and adults, as they learn to thrive rather than survive in this modern world. Amber will be offering a variety of mindful puzzles during the Market.


      Vendor: Amanda Blaire Wellness

      Amanda is a Wellness/Spiritual Life Coach who focuses on turning moments of trauma and pain into transformational moments of purpose and growth. Amanda will be offering discounted spiritual life coaching sessions to book in advance as well as discounted Moon Readings during the Market.


      Vendor: Keto Cache

      The Keto Cache is a 100 percent gluten free, sugar free bakery that is also low carb, keto and also offers a dairy free menu. Our bakery boasts a wide variety of baked goods from breads and muffins to sweets such as squares, cheesecake, cookies and more. Our focus is on healthy eating to help people with dietary restrictions or needs as well as those looking to lead a ketogenic lifestyle. KC will be offering an array of baked goods and food throughout the day and we encourage people to check out our website in advance. In addition, we will bring any orders people place in advance online or through the bakery, to the retreat. 

      Foothills Wellness Retreat
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