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Wellness Market



February 4, 2023


7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Big Rock Room

Vendor: Linen and Sage Boutique

Sarah and Nicole are owners of a little boutique called Linen and Sage. They carry a curated blend of clothing with a focus on intention. They see clothing as a way of empowerment, a way of self-expression, and a way of gaining confidence. A variety of clothing styles and sizes are offered for the perfect fit. Recently, they tapped into creating a line of beautiful sun catchers. The sun catchers include intuitively chosen gemstones and crystals.

Vendor: Big Rock Crystals, Minerals, and Fossils


Luke owns a store front location in Okotoks, AB.

The store offers a wide range of crystals, minerals, and fossils. During the wellness market Luke will have a variety of products for sale, along with either a draw or giveaway.

    Vendor: Image Plus Lifestyle

    Kathryn specializes in assisting men and women manage their body/mind, connection, and effects from grief and loss. Kathryn specializes in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, Somatic Thai Yoga Massage, and 360 degrees of holistic wellness. 

    Kathryn will be offering free 15 minute Thai yoga massages during the wellness market, along with discounts for future bookings. 


    Vendor: Enlightened Oils

    Jeannine is a Registered Aroma Therapist who offers a wide range of organic oils, balms, chakra spray kits, bug spray, clearing sprays, and much more. A variety of products will be available for purchase during the wellness market.


    Vendor: Sam Kirouac Healing

    Sam Kirouac Soul Healing offers in person and/or distance intuitive Reiki sessions and Akashic Record readings. Sam also offers Reiki training and workshops throughout the year on crystals, enhancing your intuition and creating your sacred space. Sam created four sprays, two of them she created with her daughters and were created for children. All of her sprays are infused with Reiki energy. Mini Akashic readings, along with a Draw will be offered during the Market.


    Vendor: Tanya Lleigh Coaching

    Tanya created her business on the premise of expanding your reality and opening doors to new possibilities to live your best life. Tanya will be offering custom baskets containing tools and activities for 365 days of mindset development, along with a Draw during the Market.

    Big Rock Room

      Vendor: Healing Elements

      Dr. McCollum has extensive training in Acupuncture, Oriental Diet Therapy, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Meditation and Taoist Psychology and Psychotherapy. He is passionate about guiding people on their path to health and wellness and helping them discover the amazing healing ability they all hold within themselves. Jared will be offering free acugraph exams during the wellness market.

      Vendor: Goddess Temple of the Healing Arts


      Sam will take your healing to the next level, she will be offering Reiki, Akashic/Tarot readings for a fee during the wellness market, along with a Goddess Healing Session giveaway.


      Vendor: Motivated by Nature

      Susanne offers workshops online and Wild About Nature Challenges to help increase the overall well-being of individuals and corporate teams as well as the planet. You will have the opportunity to purchase one of the following online challenges: Weekend Warrior/Nature Rx/Nature Boost. A draw will be offered during the wellness market. Let's get WILD! 


      Vendor: Present Possibilities

      Amber offers mindfulness Yoga, Reiki programs to kids and adults, as they learn to thrive rather than survive in this modern world. Amber will be offering a Draw during the Market.


      Vendor: Amanda Blaire Wellness

      Amanda is a Wellness/Spiritual Life Coach who focuses on turning moments of trauma and pain into transformational moments of purpose and growth. Amanda will be offering discounted spiritual life coaching sessions to book in advance as well as discounted Moon Readings during the Market.


      Vendor: Active Balance Health Centre

      Active Balance Health Centre provides evidence based care for the Foothills community. This top notch team of providers is patient-focused and collaborative. The Health Center is a full service clinic offering many specialized therapies . Stop by to meet Active Balance team members:

      • Dr. Taylor Boyd, Chiropractor

      • Deanne Wiseman, Holistic Registered Nutritionist


      Free offerings of epsom salts packets and samples of Deanne’s Cocoa Recoup elixirs as well as complimentary 15-minute consultations.

      Foothills Wellness Retreat
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