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May 6, 2023


8:30am - 8:45am Check-in

Chinook Room

9:00am - 10:30am

Regulate your Nervous System

Presenter: Tabith Kolodziej

Have you ever wanted to learn how to regulate your own nervous system? Do you desire to bring more awareness and attention to your own nervous system for when you are becoming dysregulated? When you learn to become aware of your own triggers and early signs of dysregulation it can allow you to bring more harmony and balance back into your mind, body, and spirit. Nervous System Regulation is the ability to move flexibly between different states of arousal in response to stressors. This ability to be flexible and adapt to the circumstances gives us a sense of agency; it makes us feel confident and secure because we can understand and navigate the world in the ways we choose. When our nervous system is regulated, being in our bodies fosters a sense of safety. Nervous System Dysregulation translates into a sense of powerlessness. We feel we have no control over how we respond to triggers, and we remain stuck in that response even after the trigger is removed. When our nervous system is chronically dysregulated, our bodies develop various symptoms and conditions. Being in our body may feel painful, uncomfortable, or even terrifying. Trauma, burnout, illness, and chronic pain all stem from an overwhelmed nervous system. In our journey together, you will learn the 2 functions of the autonomic nervous system and their primary roles. You will not only learn to recognize when you're dysregulated but you will learn tools on how to instantly shift and alter your state of emotions from negative to positive to cultivate more peace and safety in your body. This is especially powerful for anyone who struggles with anxiety, stress, fear, worry, doubt etc. Together we will also embark on a journey where we will use creative self-expression through movement and dance that can help to release trapped emotions that have become lodged in the body. Your body wants to be heard, and emotions are meant to be felt. When you don’t listen and neglect feeling, you open yourself up to illness and disease. By learning to listen to our body, feel what it is experiencing, and understand how to release emotions trapped, you allow yourself to heal and become more regulated and synchronized with the universal healing. 

Bring a journal and pen.

10:45am - 12:15pm  

Full Moon Intention Candle Workshop

Presenter: Shelley Duret

Transitions with Shelley

We harness the energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio which calls us to examine on a deep level what is needed in our life. This Full Moon also fosters the energy of the Lunar Eclipse – a period to reflect deep into the shadows of self to pull out what stories are dampening out inner flame.  This session will drop us into a meditation to highlight what areas of our life are ready to shine, what parts of us we are called to light up, coming out of this meditation we will then create a ritual candle to hold the energy of what we are looking to radiate outward in our lives. During this workshop you will  create your very own intention candle take home with you. All supplies are included.

12:15pm - 1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm - 3:30pm

The Meditation Station

Presenters: Lisa & Todd Moroz

Meditation can assist in gaining a new perspective on stressful situations and explore emotions residing within the body; along with increasing self-awareness, focusing on the present moment, reducing negative emotions, lowering resting heart rate, improving sleep quality, and creating a foundation for connecting with your higher self. During this event, you will gain a perspective on how meditation can assist to connect and find peace within yourself and discover the answers within you. Discover valuable short and easy meditations you can begin applying to your daily life immediately. Take time to physically connect to your inner knowing to create alignment for the greater good and finish feeling lighter and clearer. This event will delve into the various forms of meditation, how to clear and create a scared space in your home.

Bring a journal and pen.

3:45am – 5:15am

Crystal Grids Workshop

Presenter: Sam Kirouac

Sam Kirouac Soul Healing

Crystal grids are a powerful tool to support you in manifesting your goals, intentions and desires. A crystal grid is an intentional arrangement of crystals in a specific layout, created for a specific intention. It combines the energy of the crystals with Sacred Geometry. By placing your stones in a geometric arrangement, the crystal energy is enhanced exponentially. Your intention is being amplified through the stones and then sent out to the Universe in a clear and direct way. Whatever your goal may be, you can create a powerful combination of crystals into a grid to hold your intention and manifest it. In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the basics of crystals grids, why they are a powerful tool to have in your toolkit and also how to create a grid for any of your intentions. Crystal grids can support you in all areas of your life. They can help with achieving goals, health, memory and focus, relationships, career, spiritual connection, psychic abilities and for calling in abundance.

During this workshop you will also create your very own grid to take home with you. All crystals and grid supplies are included.

Big Rock Room

9:00am - 10:30am

This is Yoga

Presenter: Shalyn Madigan

The Real Yogi

Yoga is a powerful self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-healing practice. From being a teen mom who escaped abuse to a thriving mother of three, grandmother of two, wife and business owner, discover how the power of yoga supported Shalyn on her own self-healing journey and then discover how the power of yoga can support you on your self-healing journey too. The practice of yoga extends far beyond your mat and leads back to the true practice of self-love and becoming a Master of Self. During our time on our mats, we will mindfully move through a series of floor and standing postures and end with a powerful guided meditation. This powerful practice will get your prana, your life force energy, flowing freely. It will connect your mind, body and spirit and bring balance back to your life. Surrender and let go of your fears and attachments and fill your soul with love. Learn the true practice of self-love and what it means to be a Master of Self and leave feeling refreshed with a heart overflowing with gratitude and love. We will get back to the foundations of yoga here; therefore, all levels are encouraged. Yoga is for every body and each posture can be modified. This practice is for you.


Bring a yoga mat, yoga blocks (if you have them) and a water bottle.

10:45am - 12:15pm  

Grounded Qi Gong

Presenter: Dr. Jared McCollum

Healing Elements

This gentle practice of matching our breath to our movements helps ground and center our energy; helping us connect to the earth and our inner tranquil self. 

This busy world can leave us disconnected and lost. Grounded Qi Gong helps us reconnect with our bodies and spirit. Regular practice will ground us and keep us in our bodies and in the moment. 

Bring a yoga mat, journal and pen.

12:15pm - 1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Reiki Share Workshop

Presenter: Cara Marshall

Anam Cara - Your Soul Friend

A Reiki share is for EVERYONE who enjoys or is curious about Reiki and it’s benefits (no experience required). The share is guided by Reiki Master/Teacher, Cara Marshall.  All participants will give and receive the healing energy of Reiki in small groups under the guidance of Cara. 

Give and receive life force energy through a Reiki Share experience and come into a deeper connection with your Soul Self. Cara will explain how Energy naturally and innately flows through each and every one of us to assist us along our soul’s journey; physically  mentally and emotionally.  She will explain what Life Force Energy is, what a Reiki Share is, and what each participant can expect to experience. No previous Reiki experience is required, only the intention of giving and receiving Life force energy.  Cara will provide guidance for those that are new to Reiki such that they may fully experience Reiki Energy.  

3:45am - 5:15pm  

Restore your Frequency

Presenter: Shelley Duret

Transitions with Shelley

An opportunity for you to connect into the quiet vibrations of self.  We will progress through a functional movement yoga session filled with long holds and restorative postures, then surrender to the quiet and stillness of the body as we are lulled by the frequency of Sound Bath. This session is designed to calm the nervous system as we physically move the energy through our system, then allow the sound vibrations of the crystal sound bowls, ocean drum, chimes and hand drum to wash over us,  restoring our frequency on a cellular level. 

Bring a yoga mat, journal and pen.

5:15pm - 6:30pm Dinner Break

5:15pm - 6:30pm Dinner Break

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Full Moon Ceremony

Amanda Pavey


During this ceremony you will have an opportunity to release which no longer serves you, connect to your helping spirits, experience a shamanic visualization, and learn more about the current energetic forecasts on this Flower Full Moon in Scorpio.

Bring a yoga mat, journal and pen.

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