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Summer Healing Mini Retreat- $88


To provide an intimate and supportive setting, tickets are limited to 20 participants.

Are you ready to unleash your inner healer?

Are you feeling stuck or looking for the next stepping stone to peel back the layers on your healing journey?

Maybe there’s something you’re looking for, but not quite sure what that is?

Are you gravitating towards like-minded individuals and craving the need to feed your body, mind and soul?  We eventually find each other!!

Knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this very moment.

Becoming aware is the KEY because we can’t fix what we don’t face. Self-reflecting, practicing stillness, and being in the present moment, are where we start and continue to grow. Allowing ourselves to bring those triggers inward and really feel all those emotions that come up.

I AM (Identification Awareness Modification).


Join us for a full afternoon of healing, surrounded by nature in beautiful DeWinton, Alberta. ( 10 min South of Calgary)

Embodiment Yoga Therapy™- 75 min

This is a practice that gently supports you in allowing yourself to feel. An invitation to be in your body, during this practice, you can expect gentle movement and breath explorations that are integrated with guided somatic (mind/body) meditation and reflection. Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ is a somatic and trauma-informed practice. The postures are accessible to all bodies and are mostly practiced on the floor. You will be given options for adapting your practice and discovering what your body is needing through opportunities to experience rest, movement, and varying degrees of sensation. At the end of the practice, Stefani will share a special meditation technique for practicing on your own so that you can continue to come home to your body. 

Breathwork Ceremony-90 min

During this Ceremony, you will experience energy clearing, rhythmic breathing, breath retentions, sacred sound and will be guided and held throughout the journey. The result of the Ceremony will be different for everyone. All you will need is the willingness to go deep within, a cushion or bolster so your hips are higher than your legs, your water bottle, and your beautiful Self!"

Disclaimer: This experience is not suitable for those who are Pregnant or those who have Heart Conditions, COPD 1 & 2, Epilepsy, Concussions, PTSD, Psychosis or Terminal Illness.

Yoga Nidra- 45 min

During this Yoga Nidra class (also known as yogic sleep), you will be able to integrate all your personal experiences and sensations from movement and breathwork and come into stillness. You will be guided through a meditation practice to move into a deeper state of relaxation while being awake and aware. Yoga Nidra can benefit those who struggle with sleep or stillness. This practice can be as restorative as sleep, while you remain fully conscious. Giving your mind and body an extra window of deep relaxation offers powerful benefits. Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, bolster or other props to create your "Nidra Nest".

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Sunday August 21, 2022




De Winton Hall

114 Macleod Trail South

DeWinton, AB T0L 0X0

Summer Healing Mini Retreat



Are you willing to do the work but don’t know how?

We believe that we are here to facilitate and heal together. We are not meant to walk this path alone and feel strongly that healing support comes from group connection.  Our guides are the ones that help us on our path to heal, the ones that assist us through pain and love, and the ones that mentor and guide us to go deep within.

You will learn movement, breathing and release techniques to rediscover your true self, and live with joy and peace in the present moment. You will also get support to learn and create intentions and plans to continue your individual practices after the Retreat on your own.

Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ is a Trauma-Informed Somatic Yoga Practice that was created by Stefani Wilton B.A., RMT, C-IAYT, CYA-YT, E-RYT 500. With her background in Thai Yoga Massage (RMT 2200 hours), Somatic Therapy (MBST™), and Yoga Therapy (IAYT Certified), she created this beautiful system to create an accessible space for her students to experience their own embodiment and safety within their bodies and embodied community. With personal and professional experience with neurodivergent needs, Stefani's approach to teaching is especially supportive for those who have sensory issues or a history of trauma. 


Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ was born from the belief that yoga has the power to connect us to ourselves, our bodies, and others profoundly. When offered in a trauma-respectful way, yoga can transform us. Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ explores Yin, Restorative and gentle adaptive Vinyasa practice as a tool for connecting with and moving through your emotions. 


Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ takes you on a feminine journey of self-reflection and experience through the arts of Somatic Therapy, Yoga, Philosophy, Meditation, and Breath. Through the lens of  Ayurveda and the Chakra systems, we learn to better understand ourselves and our needs. We learn how to come home to ourselves. Rooted in Yoga Therapy Wisdom, this is a yoga practice designed for reclamation of your body, transformation of your mind, and the cultivation of resilience within your nervous system. 


Breathing; the one thing we do every minute of every day without even thinking about it. Our breath is a part of what gives us life force energy. So, what would happen if we did sit for a moment and focused on the one ingredient that helps sustain our existence?


This is an invitation for you to get curious and explore how different breath patterns can create or release different types of energies or emotions from within. The breath is the key that allows us to tap into all of the subtle bodies that make us human; the mind, body, emotion, and the Soul.


When we breathe in a rhythm, with guided mental imagery, combined with sacred sound, we are given the permission to bypass the analytical mind and step deeper into our feeling nature. Everything is energy, so when we allow ourselves to feel, we heal. We heal the mind and the body of energetic imprints, release heavy emotions and are then able to create new neurological pathways, new habits and ways of being that bring us into deeper alignment.



Yoga Nidra- Yoga Nidra is often referred to as Yogic sleep; the body and the mind are primed for deep rest through intention setting (Sankalpa), meditation, and relaxing all parts of the body. This practice activates a physical and mental release of emotional tension, slows down the nervous system and allows the muscles to relax, helping the body rest, heal, and restore balance.

Schedule-Sunday, August 21, 2022

  • 12:45 pm - Registration 

  • 1:00 pm - Embodiment Yoga Therapy™  (75 min)

  • 2:30 pm - Breathwork Ceremony (90 min)

  • 4:15 pm –Yoga Nidra (45 min)


Stefani Wilton is a Somatic Therapist & Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist based out of Calgary, AB. The creator of Embodiment Yoga Therapy™, Stefani's mission is to create experiences of connection and ease where you are invited to get in touch with your emotions by finding comfort within your body and being with your breath. Stefani works with clients privately and in intimate small-group settings to facilitate beautiful somatic (mind/body) experiences. She is honored to have trained others in this work since 2007. She continues to train yoga teachers and yoga therapists in this somatic approach to yoga through her school, Mandorla Yoga Institute.

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Emily Gladys Toll

Being a Breathwork Facilitator, Akashic Records Practitioner, Vibrational Consultant, and Reiki Master, Emily lives for the magic of creating space to witness deep transformation and Soul remembrance. She is not one to swim in the shallow end. To those who seek it, she desires to give the permission slip they need to explore their Soul’s true essence beyond human conditioning, trauma and programming.


Stuart Tibbetts

Stuart holds the vision of raising the vibration of our planet one breath at a time. He is devoted to sharing how to fully harness the breath and awakening to endless possibilities. Breathwork has allowed Stu to overcome many life challenges and release deep lingering emotions, conditioning, and traumas that he didn't even realize were holding me back from reaching his Highest Potential.

Lisa Moroz is the founder and owner of the Foothills Wellness Retreat. She began her wellness journey in 2018 which led to realizing a need for self-healing through self-awareness. On this path, she has experienced firsthand what Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreats have to offer towards self-awareness and healing. Through passion and personal growth, Lisa obtained her certifications as a Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher.  

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