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Join one of our Foothills Wellness Retreats and immerse yourself in a wholesome event filled with educating the mind, moving the body, and feeding the soul. This is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with self while practicing personal health, spiritual growth and social impact. Whether attending alone, as a couple, or a work event, you will leave with the tools to continue your journey of diving deeper within and unlocking your inner awareness. End your experience with a feeling of zest for your well-being. 

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Current Events

Yoga Series

Winter Wellness Retreat

More to come!

Winter Schedule

Nurture your mind, body & soul at our weekend of wellness, coming to the Foothills February 3-5, 2023.

Coming soon!

Winter Presenters

Drop your worries at the door & enter our event rooms with an impressive line-up of local speakers & guides.


Coming soon!

Wellness Market

Health and wellness refers to the state of complete well-being. During the Wellness Market, our Vendors will provide a wide range of activities, products, preventive measures, and personalized care for the whole body.

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Meditating in Nature

body, mind, soul

Whether it is your first or hundredth class, continue to explore your potential and unleash the inner fire of Tapas. With a calm body and a quiet mind, we can connect within. Our higher selves have much to teach us. We are one.

Winter Retreat Event: February 3-5, 2023!

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Self-care and community care are deeply connected. When we connect through wellness we are nourishing ourselves and our community as a whole.


Community wellness encourages enpowerment and develops a community-wide support system. It enables us to interact, share, and connect through our modern life experiences. Giving our time and energy to build well-being together supports connection, a purpose, and a sense of belonging.


Become part of a strong, well rounded and healthy community. Together we can accomplish so much!

Yoga at the Park

wellness market

Enjoy personal interaction, connection, and a balanced experience through a wellness market during our Winter Wellness Retreat. Health and wellness refers to the state of complete well-being and encompasses a wide range of activities, products, preventive measures, and personalized care for the whole body.

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