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Summer Healing Retreat:

A perfect afternoon. This was amazing in all of the ways. Thank you, Lisa for organizing this. I will be coming back.

- Maria

What a perfect afternoon spent. Thank you so much for putting this together.

- Tamara B.

Foothills Wellness Retreat is a fantastic way to start or continue a spiritual awareness journey. Learn some new practices and self-care techniques. Presenters for the fall retreat were engaging and uplifting. I left the weekend feeling energized and ready to bring into my life some of the amazing practices that spoke to the deeper me. Can’t wait for the next installments. Self-care is so important and vital to our wellbeing – and the retreat is a great way to repay and ground yourself.

- Kirsty

I absolutely love Lisa's yoga classes and am thrilled to be a part of the 5 session series. From the music, to the restorative yoga poses and the topics for the Nidra sessions, everything is so relaxing and enlightening. Excellent series, highly recommend.

- Leslee

I want to thank Lisa and her team for the recent Mini Fall Retreat on November 20.  I am new to exploring natural healing and Yoga. This was my first time attending a Sound Bath with Samantha Baldwin, the energy of the bowls and the sounds were calming and good for the soul.  Stefani Wilton did a practice of Embodiment Yoga.  This truly was spiritual and releasing for me. Stefani’s presence is very calming.

- Tara

I'm new to my healing journey. Therapy only took me so far and I felt stuck. I heard about the wellness retreat last minute, through a podcast (5 elements of letting go).  I didn't know what half the offerings were, but I was looking forward to learning about what Okotoks and area had to offer. This retreat offered me the opportunity to find other modalities to healing. The group of women who attended and taught classes were such a supportive and strong group of women.  I felt safe and comfortable amongst everyone. I left this retreat feeling lighter, and excited for all the new offerings I learnt were available to me on my journey. This is such a beautiful weekend.


- Lindsay  

As a first time Wellness Retreat attendee, I absolutely loved that I got to spend it with Foothills Wellness Retreat. It was an amazing weekend, excellent class selections and great presenters. Can't wait for the next one in February 2023!

- Leslee

I have been attending Lisa’s Restore and Rest Yoga along with Yoga Nidra, again with being a beginner I truly didn’t know what to expect and I felt uncomfortable the first

couple of times. I am now comfortable and learning that it is me on the mat and you let your body speak to you.  Both these classes are helping me with deal with stress and my own personal health journey and I look forward to more classes.

- Tara S.

I am so excited for the Foothills Wellness Retreat in February 2023. I cannot wait as I enjoyed the 2022 fall retreat so much. It was so therapeutic for me and helped me recognize how much I had been craving and needing self care. What an amazing forum to be able to partipate and be exposed to so many different self care strategies and to meet such talented practitioners. I have been looking at various retreats through the last few years but all of them seemed so expensive. This one was so awesome and so affordable right in our community. I am getting all my friends to register.


Their Winter retreat was amazing and they’ve managed to exceed my expectations this Fall. The choice of classes and workshops is diverse and the instructors and content has been fabulous. Thank you Foothills Retreat for another wonderful weekend!

- Nikki F.

This experience has led me back to prioritizing my wellbeing: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am grateful to be able to receive valuable insight from each presenter and look forward to future retreat opportunities! 

- Mags J.

I always have an amazing experience when attending thier retreats. They are committed to making wellness accessible and enjoyable! They are always so friendly and have amazing guests. I highly recommend them!!I

-Holly G.

Foothills Wellness Retreat
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