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Lisa Moroz & Taylor. Founders of foothills Wellness Retreat


Our guiding purpose is to empower individuals to discover and cultivate their inner well-being, meaningful connections, and a sense of community. Through carefully curated wellness retreats, we aim to provide transformative experiences that promote holistic health, self- discovery, and genuine human connection, ultimately empowering individuals to lead balanced, purposeful lives. We are committed to supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds and all
walks of life, providing a nurturing environment where both facilitators and participants can thrive in their personal journeys towards wellness and growth.

Lisa Moroz & Taylor. Founders of foothills Wellness Retreat

Lisa Moroz

Lisa embarked on her wellness journey six years ago and never looked back. Through her journey of self-work and transformation, it took immense courage and dedication to confront traumas and change limiting beliefs to make positive changes in her life. Through stillness, Lisa was able to become aware of her mind and body; immersing herself in a supportive and safe environment to explore the whole body to create change and adopt a growth mindset. This mindset allowed her to seek trauma therapy, attend wellness retreats, regular practices of restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation, and many other healing modalities.


Driven by a passion for holistic well-being and fostering connections, Lisa is the owner and founder of Foothills Wellness Retreat. Established with a vision to cultivate community, self- care, and thriving, these Retreats serve as a haven for those seeking balance and rejuvenation.

Together with her daughter, Lisa co-created this empowering business with the mission to uplift and inspire others for the highest good of all. Through their wellness retreats and engaging podcasts, they spark meaningful conversations about community, personal growth, and
transformational journeys.


With Lisa’s warm spirit, unwavering dedication, and commitment to spreading positivity, she continues to touch the lives of many, nurturing a community where individuals can come together to support one another in their pursuit of well-being and fulfillment.


Taylor Marshall

In a world where the search for meaning and purpose can often lead to a crossroads of introspection and uncertainty, Taylor embarked on a transformative journey that would redefine the essence of personal growth and empowerment. With a foundational education in social work from Mount Royal University, her initial steps were taken on a path rich with the joy of nurturing children's development, guiding them towards independence and confidence. Yet, as the year 2020 drew to a close, Taylor found herself enveloped in a wave of anxiety, facing profound questions about life's purpose and her place within it. This period of soul-searching was marked by fear and uncertainty, challenging her to look inward for answers.

Undeterred, Taylor dove into the depths of personal development, seeking solace and direction in the teachings of manifestation and the law of attraction. Her journey was not just about finding peace; it was about becoming a beacon of hope and guidance for others. Through this journey, she discovered a passion not only for embracing her own potential but for inspiring others to do the same. Recently, Taylor became a Certified Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner, a qualification that further empowered her desire to guide others along their path to self-discovery and fulfillment.

Taylor is passionate about living a well and balanced life, a commitment reflected in her involvement with the Foothills Wellness Retreat. This aligns with her mission to empower individuals to understand that suffering is not our destiny; rather, we possess the ultimate power to shape our lives. With a belief in the limitless potential of the human mind and the power of attraction, she is dedicated to guiding others on a path to living their best lives, proving that with belief, the life of our dreams is not just a possibility, but a reality.

Rowan House Society

At Foothills Wellness Retreat, we are proud to support the Rowan House Women's Shelter by donating $2.50 from each retreat ticket sale. We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence.


The Rowan House is dedicated to empowering individuals to live free from abuse by providing shelter, support, and resources to help them rebuild their lives. By supporting this shelter, we are contributing to the well-being and safety of those in need, and helping to create a community where everyone can thrive with a sense of security.


Join us in making a difference and experience the transformative power of wellness at Foothills Wellness Retreat.

Foothills Wellness Retreat
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