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Life has a way of pulling your body and mind in multiple directions each day. It's easy to get so overwhelmed that you forget what's most important to you. With a calm body and a quiet mind, we can connect within. Our higher selves have much to teach us. We are one.


We invite you to take a break from your everyday life and give your body, mind, and soul the space it needs to bring you into the present moment and release what no longer serves you.

Coming soon...
We have two morning Retreats at the Dewinton Hall coming this summer! Stay tuned for details.
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I want to thank Lisa and her team for the recent Mini Fall Retreat on November 20.  I am new to exploring natural healing and Yoga. This was my first time attending a Sound Bath with Samantha Baldwin, the energy of the bowls and the sounds were calming and good for the soul.  Stefani Wilton did a practice of Embodiment Yoga.  This truly was spiritual and releasing for me. Stefani’s presence is very calming.

~ Tara

Foothills Wellness Retreat
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