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Midlife Wellness Retreat

Exclusive Services

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Self-Investment: $111

Only 2 spaces left!

Give yourself a meno-PAUSE: Self care for women in Midlife!

The Foothills Wellness Retreat and Shauna Laubman welcomes you to spend the full day at the DeWinton Community Hall; a hidden jewel in the rural Calgary countryside. This unique retreat was designed to bring our community together, to connect in a learning environment, and nourish the mind, body, and soul. Hormonal changes in women during the transition of perimenopause and menopause can often impact well-being and quality of life. Often misunderstood, it affects women in their mid-30’s and lasts usually until their 50’s and beyond. This self care retreat will provide education and discussion about perimenopause and menopause symptoms, hormone balancing yoga, breath work, energy movement, relaxation, nutrition and authentic discussion. Participants will have the opportunity to relax, renew, and realize how self care can impact their well-being during midlife.


Retreat Includes...


  • Welcome circle

Hormone Focused Gentle Yoga:

  • Movement is medicine

  • Stress management

  • Sleep hygiene

Nutrition and Lifestyle:

  • Hormone health with Jillene Potter-RN

  • Discussion about perimenopause/ menopause hormone health and healthy eating habits and lifestyle to thrive in midlife!

Empowerment Circle and Wise Woman Walk:

  • The Wise Woman Walk is a ceremonial rite of passage designed to honor women as they transition into the crone phase of life, a time associated with wisdom, maturity, and inner strength. The ceremony begins with a communal circle where women share their intentions for the walk and express gratitude for the journey ahead. We reflect on our life experiences, embraces our wisdom, and releases any burdens or regrets. Upon reaching the end of the path, each woman is welcomed back into the circle by her sisters. We acknowledge our wisdom, strength, and resilience. Finally, the group gathers in a closing circle to share reflections and offer support to one another as they continue their journey into the crone phase of life.

Midlife Circle:

  • Gathering again in circle to learn more about the midlife transition, share and listen to each other's experiences, and set some wellness goals moving forward. There is so much power in being able to speak your truth in a circle that is safe, loving and open. You are not alone in this journey!

Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath:

  • As we bring the retreat to a close, you will be guided through a meditation practice to move into a deeper state of relaxation while being awake and aware. Giving your mind and body an extra window of deep relaxation offers powerful benefits.

​​Please bring yoga mat, pillow, blanket or any other comforts for your rest nest.



Saturday April 20, 2024


A light lunch with GF and Vegan options will be provided.



DeWinton Community Hall

114 Macleod Trail E.

DeWinton, Alberta


Shauna Laubman is a life long learner and curious about the world we live in. Shauna lovesbeing part of the Okotoks yoga community, where she been teaching yoga for the past 10 years.Shauna is a dancer, mover, and fitness enthusiast. Her soul shines the brightest when she is in movement and she seeks various modalities in order to shine her light in this way. As Shauna becomes a Nana and enters her midlife journey, she realizes that there has been a vacancy in the discussion of hormonal changes in midlife. This is where Crossroads Midlife Yoga was formed: to help women age with grace, power and voice. Outside of yoga, Shauna teaches high school in Okotoks at Cameron Crossing where she hopes to have a positive impact on her students' lives. 

Lisa Moroz is the founder and owner of the Foothills Wellness Retreat. She began her wellness journey in 2018 which led to realizing a need for healing through self-awareness. On this path, she has experienced firsthand what Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreats have to offer towards self-awareness and healing. Yoga Nidra was foundational for allowing stillness to be present, which was the medicine for awareness, curiosity, healing and change, to ultimately live a happier and healthier life. Through passion and personal growth, Lisa obtained her certifications as a Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher, along with a Reiki practitioner. Currently, Lisa and Todd Moroz offer Yoga/Nidra with Sound Bath classes as a way to give back to others what truly helped create her own healing journey.


Jillene Potter- I began my profession in the healthcare field 25 years ago as a Registered Nurse. Throughout that time I have gained experience and expertise in many areas including the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) during the most recent 15 years. 5 Years ago, I was struggling with what many women do in perimenopause. Weight gain, brain fog, bloating …. oh, the bloat, hair falling out, and lack of energy and motivation. My focus for women is to heal their guts and have balanced hormones. I never want to see women suffer by not knowing there are solutions beyond conventional medicine. My goal is to support women to thrive in their health and wellness by providing the knowledge and tools to have balanced hormones through perimenopause and beyond.

The Foothills Wellness Retreat is in support of the Rowan House Society. We will donate $2.50 from each of our Retreat ticket sales directly to the Rowan House.

We will also collect any items donated from the Rowan House wish list during all of our events.


Refund and Modification Guidelines:

We appreciate your understanding that Foothills Wellness Retreat passes are non-refundable. Recognizing that unforeseen circumstances may arise, our refund and modification guidelines are crafted with fairness in mind for both our participants and our business. Passes are transferable to another individual, subject to approval and adjustments by the Foothills Wellness Retreat administration. Should the Foothills Wellness Retreat need to cancel the event, we will extend the choice to participants of either receiving a refund or being credited for an upcoming event. Your flexibility and cooperation in such situations are sincerely appreciated.

Foothills Wellness Retreat
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