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The ShaMen Tribe

Led by Men.For Men.

Exclusive Services

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Why a ShaMen Tribe?


There is a lot of uncertainty and stress happening in our world today, leaving many people searching for wellness and looking for support to access the tools needed to achieve peace. Wellness groups and classes are abundant but usually not geared towards men; Lots of yoga, women's groups, witches circles, etc. Although these groups are excellent, men either are not welcome or do not feel comfortable in some of these settings. We aim to correct that. The ShaMen Tribe is a monthly group where men can come together and collect tools for their wellness tool box. Using shamanic practices as a foundation, each month we will learn new methods to help reduce stress and provide practices that give the ability to manage emotions and improve sleep. If you are ready to get a handle on your health and to walk the wellness path with supportive, like minded men, then The ShaMen Tribe is for you.


Guided each month by Dr. Jared McCollum and Todd Moroz.

ShaMen Tribe



First Tuesday of each month.

Self Investment $25

Next meeting:

Tuesday April 4, 2023

7:00 - 9:00pm

7:00 pm - Welcome and introductions

7:30 pm - Qi Gong and/or breathwork 

8:00 pm - Monthly lesson and takeaways 

8:30 pm - Guided meditation 



Dr. Jared McCollum's Residence

4 Elma St. E, Okotoks, AB


Dr. Jared M. McCollum, Dr.Ac., is passionate about guiding people on their path to health and wellness and helping them discover the amazing healing ability they all hold within themselves. Having graduated from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2004, Dr. McCollum has extensive training in Acupuncture, Oriental Diet Therapy, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Meditation and Taoist Psychology and Psychotherapy. Jared has spent countless hours serving the communities he has lived in over the last 20 years, offering classes in meditation, Qi Gong and programs he has developed which identify emotional blocks and help others let go of extreme emotions and stress. He is committed to improving the health of his patients as well as their community.


Todd Moroz, MBEd, is passionate about guiding people on their path to health and wellness through meditation and helping them release physical and mental stress while embracing a holistically spiritual path. After spending several years practicing meditation as a means to find balance and manage personal traumas which plagued him throughout his life, Todd sought to learn more with the intention to share this gift with others. This led him to recently completing his Meditation Instruction and Holistic Counselling course. Todd is currently embracing this gift and sharing with others by initiating meditation clubs at work and being a leader in emotional intelligence. In addition, he is also a huge advocate of shedding the stigma on men’s mental and emotional health and is leading a Men’s Meditation and Wellness group.

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