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Healing Retreat

Exclusive Services

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Self-Investment: $175

The Foothills Wellness Retreat and Tracy Fields welcomes you to spend a full-day at the 

De Winton Community Hall; a hidden jewel in the rural Calgary countryside. Join us for a transformative Healing Retreat designed to bring awareness to the vast array of support available for therapy, trauma, feelings, connection, community, and connecting to our intuition. Throughout the retreat, participants will engage in fostering a profound sense of self-awareness and inner peace. We will explore the intersection of intuition and healing, discussing the barriers, both internal and external, that often hinder us from listening to our intuitive guidance. Delving into the essence of intuition, participants will discover how it manifests in their lives, its complexities, and the profound gift of connecting with our spirit guides through intuitive pathways. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and healing, where community, connection, and intuition converge to facilitate profound personal growth and transformation.


Retreat Includes...


  • Welcome/Introductions 

What is Therapy:

  • Talk therapy

  • Trauma therapy

  • Somatic therapy


The importance of feeling our feelings:

  • Our feelings tell us how we are doing

  • There is focus on staying positive

  • Sadness is just as valid as joy

  • The cost of ignoring our feelings

What is trauma:

  • Big T trauma; physical, sexual, emotional, neglect

  • Little T trauma; being excluded, being taking advantage of/used

  • What is relationship trauma

  • How trauma creates barriers

What is intuition:

  • A deep knowing

  • We all have this

  • What blocks us from intuition

What is healing:

  • Loving who you are

  • You have things you like about yourself

  • Having compassion for yourself

  • Knowing you get to take up space

  • Letting go of people that don’t treat you well

  • Creating and maintaining a circle of people that love and support you

  • Being able to sit with all your emotions

Meditation & Sound Bath:

  • Sound bath and meditation to help your intuition grow

​​Please bring yoga mat, pillow, blanket or any other comforts for your rest nest.



Sunday May 5, 2024


A light lunch and snacks with GF and Vegan options will be provided.



DeWinton Community Hall

114 Macleod Trail E.

DeWinton, Alberta

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Tracy Fields RSW, MSW is a Social Worker, a healer, and a highly sensitive therapist specializing in working with highly sensitive people. Until Tracy discovered she was more sensitive, she spent much of her life feeling like there was something wrong with her. In her work, Tracy uses a combination of somatic work, narrative therapy, and intuition to help her clients experience deep healing. Additionally, Tracy is a mom to three great teens and two lovely dogs.

Lisa Moroz is the founder and owner of the Foothills Wellness Retreat. She began her wellness journey in 2018 which led to realizing a need for healing through self-awareness. On this path, she has experienced firsthand what Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreats have to offer towards self-awareness and healing. Yoga Nidra was foundational for allowing stillness to be present, which was the medicine for awareness, curiosity, healing and change, to ultimately live a happier and healthier life. Through passion and personal growth, Lisa obtained her certifications as a Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher, along with a Reiki practitioner. Currently, Lisa and Todd Moroz offer Yoga/Nidra with Sound Bath classes as a way to give back to others what truly helped create her own healing journey.


Todd Moroz, is passionate about guiding people on their path to health and wellness through meditation practices to help release physical and mental stress while embracing a holistically spiritual path. After spending several years practicing meditation as a means to balance his own life and manage personal traumas which plagued him throughout his life, he sought to learn more as a means to share this gift with others. This led him to recently completing his Meditation Instruction and Holistic Counselling course, and he is also a Sound Healing & Reiki Practitioner. Todd is currently embracing this gift and sharing with many others by initiating meditation clubs at work and being a leader in emotional intelligence. In addition, he is also a huge advocate of shedding the stigma on men’s mental and emotional health and is leading a Men’s Meditation and Wellness Club, The ShaMen Tribe.  To further encourage and support mental health and overall personal wellness, he is also embarking on a train-the-trainer path by embracing his meditation studies and teaching others these gifts so they may further the effort in helping themselves while helping others.

Rowan House Society

At Foothills Wellness Retreat, we are proud to support the Rowan House Women's Shelter by donating $2.50 from each retreat ticket sale. We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence.


The Rowan House is dedicated to empowering individuals to live free from abuse by providing shelter, support, and resources to help them rebuild their lives. By supporting this shelter, we are contributing to the well-being and safety of those in need, and helping to create a community where everyone can thrive with a sense of security.


Join us in making a difference and experience the transformative power of wellness at Foothills Wellness Retreat.


Refund and Modification Guidelines:

We appreciate your understanding that Foothills Wellness Retreat passes are non-refundable. Recognizing that unforeseen circumstances may arise, our refund and modification guidelines are crafted with fairness in mind for both our participants and our business. Passes are transferable to another individual, subject to approval and adjustments by the Foothills Wellness Retreat administration. Should the Foothills Wellness Retreat need to cancel the event, we will extend the choice to participants of either receiving a refund or being credited for an upcoming event. Your flexibility and cooperation in such situations are sincerely appreciated.

Foothills Wellness Retreat
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